Am I A Writer?


All the layers of pressure to be a writer,
What makes someone a writer? Who gets to be invited to that oh so exclusive club?
Even though the invitation didn’t include a plus one I was invited by Nina,
and Maya told me I could come too.
See I am a writer because I cant contain these ideas in my mind. Because the absences of my perspective in mainstream publications invokes such a fury in me that it forces me to respond.
I am a writer because I say so, because I choose to be, because whether its 2000 words plus or only a short tweet, my words mean something, my words carry fire, my words weigh heavier than any ivy league born elite. And although they may never be heard beyond me, I write because if I don’t write, then that means someone else is speaking on behalf of me.

– Inspired by Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa, Why I am compelled to write?

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