Each Summer Brings WildFire

Originally written September 2nd, 2014

Maybe you can blame the heat, the fact that most youth are on school break, mixed with the lack of jobs. Why every summer we seem to see some sort of youth lead rebellion –lets clarify, that’s black and brown youth lead rebellions. Not the here’s-your-tent-dropped-off-by-LAPD-while-you-enjoy-your-vegan-pasta-Occupy-rebellion.

No this is the quick glimmer of hope that IT’s actually happening, that revolution is here and will not be controlled. At least not at first, but it’s only a matter of time your spontaneous response to violence will get co-opted by respectable politics and all the respectable orgs. Who believe they are the vanguard and you are merely just the spark they’ve been waiting to control.

But you my beautiful youth are fire. No matter how hard they try, even with all the hose they use to shoot at you, you cant be contained. And with every reblog, and every retweet we breath life back into you, so that your flame does not go out. With every amber that falls we grab and bring it back to our home hoping the light will carry, even if its only an unpermitted march.

This is the movement, we are in the struggle, and together we will create wildfires so strong that not even the invoking of MLK’s ghost can blow it out.