The danger of only looking at revolution through the lense of revolting against a particular state, rather than the destruction of the State overall means we are only challenging a certain rulership instead of the idea of being ruled.

Don’t Worry About Me, I’m Fine

*This piece was written last year. When you get older and you have depression, people give you less empathy. You’re older now, no longer a kid in your early twenties trying to figure your… Continue reading

Your Camera is A Snitch

While it is key to popularize masking up, there must also be a culture created against filming during protest.

Bobby London is Dead

I’m not supposed to be writing these things, these very dangerous things.

Each Summer Brings WildFire

A poem about resisting co-operation and the uncontrollable spread of rebellion

The Drones Have Come Home to Roost

What is being requested of us is not unity, but instead political assimilation.

Lemon Grenades

When life hands you lemons, make lemon grenades

Fuck Trump, But Fuck You Too: No Unity With Liberals

The fight is against the state and all those who are in place to protect it

Don’t Cheer Just Yet, William Bratton isn’t Going Anywhere

So while many may celebrate Bratton’s resignation understand that William Bratton™ will continue to be the top cop-for-hire, even after he resigns.

The Battles Ahead

It is not enough to just say we need to abolish the police, we must abolish the state as well.