The Christian State of White Supremacy


How the US has more in common with ISIS than it would like to admit

What if I was to tell you that the United States of America was the same as ISIS? What if I was to tell you that we have directly or indirectly beheaded, tortured, raped, and killed many of those whom we saw as our enemy? What if I was to say that, on a more domestic level, the police play that role for those of us who are black and brown in this country? What if I was to say, for those who are undocumented, the police and ICE are like the Gestapo and that families feared the day they would be forced to show their papers?

I was talking to a friend of mine who is “undocumented” and they said that they are scared to leave their house because they don’t want to get taken and picked up by the police. The likelihood that they would return from that snatching is lesser now that Gloria Molina and other county supervisors just voted to extend a deal for Los Angeles County Sheriffs to be able to hand those arrested over to ICE. When you think about the role of the sheriffs with the metro, it makes taking the red line from the valley to downtown feel more like a border crossing than a commute.  And maybe that’s the point; why else do we have sheriffs with their bulletproof vests, giant ammo, and intimidating stances? It becomes even clearer when you realize where they are at and where they are not.

The US government and the wealthy elite make their money off of being a terrorist organization, so much that they have to pick fights with leaders of other countries and side with whatever group is against them, whatever their politics may be. They must arm that opposition, train them, and then declare them their enemy just so they could continue to stay afloat. Who has trained more of the US’ enemies than the US? Who has more to gain than these arms dealers in the US military industrial complex?

When you examine the US’s continuous necessity for war through the question of who has something to gain, then it becomes clear why we always need to create enemies that we can later destroy, or at least attempt to. It further makes sense why you would want to militarize your domestic fronts as well: what better way to launder your dirty money than to sell your excess or old weapons to law enforcement and private security? And when you look at Occupied Palestine and what Israel is doing to people in Gaza, it seems less confusing when you realize that Israel is the third largest arms dealer in the world and often plays the middle man for both US and Russia, sending weapons where both larger nations might not be able to send them. Arms industries need places to test their weapons and whole communities upon whom to test their chemical weapons and crowd control machinery. Who better than the people for whom the world seems to care the least about? What better way for Israel to show the world what the weapons can do, and what better way than for the US to see how those weapons would then apply to their residents domestically?

With the recent uprisings in Ferguson, we have seen a small police force become militarized seemingly overnight. We have seen them deploy carcinogenic amounts of tear gas. Is the US just testing new weapons on their most undesired citizens the same way that Israel does with Palestinians? With cops shooting black people with impunity, what makes someone like Darren Wilson so different than an ISIS jihadi? Is that white supremacist Christian officer not wanting a “pure” state of their own as well? Are we as black Americans not justified in feeling terror when we see their shark-like vehicles creeping up behind us? Is that not the same terror running through our veins that those white Americans so afraid of ISIS believe they feel? And is our fear not more justified because the likelihood of an outside terrorist attack is less likely than someone getting shot for being black? So when do we have our right to defend ourselves from this terrorist organization known as the United States, when do we get to defend ourselves from these lawless armed fanatics of the Christian State of White Supremacy? Serious question. Because you control the government, the laws, and have the power to kidnap and murder us, so when do we get to declare all CSWS a threat and protect ourselves from those freedom-loving gunslingers?

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